We believe in the good game

Personal commitment, knowledge plus experience and a network operating in perfect harmony – these are the key elements in our game plan to ensure the success of our clients. A forward-looking cooperation starts with direct communication. Understanding and a close personal exchange provide us with the basis for achieving extraordinary goals.

Close contact – real perspectives

Having a small client base is the only way we can personally ensure that our players receive the best possible opportunities. This also includes, for that matter, not consulting a player if his character does not match the values of our company philosophy.

Shaping the game into the future

We scrutinise every offer for its substance, even if it appears to be very financially lucrative. Why do we do this? Because if our clients avoid exclusively pursuing jobs which are the most financially attractive, they create a higher chance of successfully gaining a foothold in the professional business in the long run.

Technically forward-thinking

We keep up with the times and are open to new technical developments and everything that brings football forward in its essence. A good example of this is our cooperation with the company Impect. Specific packing data and the evaluation of these values help us to positively influence the performance of our players.